Chowara Drinking Water Scheme

The Chowwara drinking water project which gave safe drinking water to 2.5 lakh of people in North Paravur is one of the biggest ever rural water supply schemes in Central Kerala.  Paravur and Chowwara were under severe drinking water shortage for years. Residents of the area,especially women had to wait all night for water to trickle down the public taps, if at all water comes . It is in 2001 that V.D.Satheesan took up the challenge to bring about a change in the situation. It was months and years of hard work that made this project a reality.  This was the first time in the history of the Kerala Water Authority that a project of this dimension is finished within the budget allocation and on schedule.  The total coast of the project is 60 crores. In 2006, ten thousand families were connected to the water supply scheme and now, connection is given all those who have applied. Now the project handles 6.5 lakh liters of water every day. It professional management skills and team work from the side of the team led by Satheesan that made Chowwara project a reality. Periyar Valley Canal repair is another mile stone in the history of development initiatives in Paravur. The project which was started in 1970s got entangled in many complex issues. The project which was commissioned in 1978 never could bring wanter to people in paravur. It is V.D. Satheesan’s relentless swork that led to the repair of the canal, repair and renovation of the Aqua duct etc were done witht the help of people’s representatives of the area and near by Assembly constituencies and various departments. Now water flows through the Canalal once in every 15 days . It has tremendously helped to rejuvenate the agriculture activity in the area and it has also made the watershed richer in ground water resources.  Chendamangalam was brought under the jalanidhi water conservation project. River conservation projects were initiated in Pazhambilly Thuruthu and Gothuruthu.  Chathanand lake conservation and dredging project was kick-started.

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