Noon Meal Scheme for children

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Every school in Satheesan’s constituency has a special place in his heart. The best gift he has given his constituency is the noon meal scheme in schools. Now spread across 63 schools in Paravur, this scheme feeds 14,000 children a day. Government and aided schools used to provide rice gruel, and a pickle or some green dal curry as lunch. Children used to have it, even though it is the same menu of “Kanji and Payar” every day. Studies conducted in government schools across the state have shown that most of the children from Below the Poverty line  (BPL)  families , especially  girl children, are severely under-nourished. Incidents of poverty were reported from some areas. This in turn affects the physical and mental health and vibrancy of the kids. They fare poor in studies, spots and in extra-curricular activities.  Satheesan’s dream was to provide the children with balanced, nutritious and tasty food. He wanted the Government, the school and the community to join hands and carry out this most important work. When he launched the programme money was a major concern. He wanted every school to have a vegetable garden, so that fresh vegetables are freely available for the noon meal scheme. Satheesan also appealed to the community, especially to women to come forward and contribute to the project. Slowly, but steadily, people contributed in cash, kind and effort.

Today, the noon meal scheme initiated by Satheesan is one the biggest and the best run noon meal schemes in Kerala. His dream is to extend this scheme to every school in the locality, and later to every school in the neighboring villages, Thaluks and districts.  Finding a cook to buying good quality food stuff are huge challenges, but Satheesan says” this is my pet project, one day I want to extend this to the entire state with the community participation “.  Satheesan, who admires India’s first Prime Minister as the finest role model for all Indians, says “Nehru used to say children are the strength of India. It is our duty to ensure that they get all basic things. I want to work towards a goal, that no child in our state goes hungry to bed”.

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